GSDU Responsible Business:
An Overview of FY18


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Find out how we’re making a positive change to the world we live in.


Getting a GRiP on making positive changes to our communities and our planet

The GSDU Responsible Business Program (GRiP) is now 2 years old. We continue to put ambitious targets in place to create positive change in the communities where we live and work and to reduce any negative impacts. Responsible Business is embedded throughout our value chain, with significant engagement from employees and community partners. Responsible Business is one of three key strategies for GSDU, demonstrating support of GRiP from the highest levels of GSDU management.

GRiP is vital to how we cultivate engaged employees, and enable them to be productive and happy. We work with the belief that a dynamic and enabled workforce not only enhances productivity but also increases innovation. The GSDU 2018 Employee Engagement survey showed that 80% of our employees believe that the company promotes and values employee diversity. 88% believe they are treated with respect as an individual. And 77% agree that opportunities for advancement are available to all regardless of personal characteristics. All of these hit high-performing organisation norms – a great accomplishment for GRiP.

Since 2016, our employees have been able to make significant positive impacts on their communities through outreach and skills-sharing. From FY19 onwards our objective will revolve around education: sharing our talents and knowledge with society by closely working with community partners. Our vision is to understand the needs and culture of our communities to effectively contribute to their empowerment and social inclusion. In improving living standards, we will also build the capacity of communities to thrive in a digital future.

Communication is vital for bringing people into the GRiP family, creating connections that allow innovation to flourish. That’s why we are proud of this report, and the fantastic work that has gone into GRiP during the past year. Through GRiP, GSDU is enabled to be a positive contributor to people and planet, aligned with the SDGs. Our 5-Pillar approach to Responsible Business empowers employees to make valuable impacts on their communities, on our internal employee body, on our business practices, and also on the business practices of customers and partners.

Thank you to GRiP Teams across GSDU for their dedication and passion! #LifeLessOrdinary

For FY17 archive report, see here

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Steering Committee
Head of Responsible Business, GSDU Sarah-Jane Littleford UK
GRiP Data Manager Sara Kowalska Poland
Community Pillar Lead Angelo Menezes Portugal
D&I Pillar co-Lead Ashwini Raj India
D&I Pillar co-Lead Ines Reis Portugal
Environment Pillar Lead Tharmesh Kumar Malaysia
Operating Practices Pillar Lead Cindy Balagot Philippines
Wellbeing Pillar co-Lead Sarah Hart UK
Wellbeing Pillar co-Lead Michal Kaczmarek Poland
Community Carolina Ghio Costa Rica
Diversity and Inclusion Maria Fernanda Morales Costa Rica
Environment Marko Segura Costa Rica
Operating Practices Esteban Bonilla Costa Rica
Wellbeing Wanda Rojas Costa Rica
Responsible Business Country Lead Carolina Ghio Costa Rica
Community Poonam Tanwar India
Diversity and Inclusion Kanchan Jagtap India
Environment Shailesh Jain India
Environment Reena Sirsikar India
Operating Practices Mridu Anand India
Wellbeing Kiran Rane India
Responsible Business Country Lead Sunil Das India
Community Elwin Ho Malaysia
Diversity and Inclusion Ramana Agila Malaysia
Diversity and Inclusion Priyankka Reddy Ravi Chander Malaysia
Environment Krissna Prasant Malaysia
Operating Practices Nazatul Jeffre Malaysia
Wellbeing Sivakami Velandy Malaysia
Responsible Business Country Lead Kimberly Krishnan Malaysia
Community Kim Christabel Mendoza Philippines
Diversity and Inclusion Joven Dela Rosa Philippines
Environment Brady Balictar Philippines
Operating Practices Jocelyn Balmes Philippines
Wellbeing Chrisanne Mendoza Philippines
Responsible Business Country Lead Chrisanne Mendoza Philippines
Community Olena Zhyvaikina Poland
Diversity and Inclusion Witold Pawlak Poland
Diversity and Inclusion Krzyszstof Fabjanski Poland
Environment Dorota Kalkowska Poland
Environment Maciej Ochocki Poland
Operating Practices Piotr Pilarski Poland
Wellbeing Olha Datsiuk Poland
Wellbeing Marta Lojewska Poland
Wellbeing Magdalena Betke Poland
Wellbeing Dariusz Okraszewski Poland
Responsible Business Country Lead Valeriia Zubkova Poland
Responsible Business Country Manager Karolina Kubicka Poland
Community Claudia Bispo Portugal
Diversity and Inclusion Gloria Ryan Portugal
Environment Carla Vasques Portugal
Operating Practices Carla Vasques Portugal
Wellbeing Vera Daniel Portugal
Responsible Business Country Lead Teresa Marcheco Portugal
Community Zarema Zaynasheva Russia
Diversity and Inclusion Rimma Khaider Russia
Environment Denis Napalkov Russia
Operating Practices Nikolay Butrimovich Russia
Wellbeing Raushan Karimov Russia
Wellbeing Kamila Balzamova Russia
Responsible Business Country Lead Regina Dyachuk Russia
Community Tanja Trajkovic Serbia
Diversity and Inclusion Srdjan Maravic Serbia
Environment Jovana Jovanovic Serbia
Operating Practices Jelena Desic Serbia
Wellbeing Boris Matic Serbia
Responsible Business Country Lead Jelica Erceg Serbia